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Coming Soon: Identity by Annabelle Batie

No, Identity is not a boring self-help nonfiction book to guide you to your "true self"...

It's an epic Christian YA fantasy romance all about (you'll never guess)...MERMAIDS!!! Augh, I dunno about y'all, but I adore mermaids, and I know we're all gonna adore this intriguing short novel by young author Annabelle Batie!


about the book

Maria Brooks is just a plain orphan girl with a mysterious past. On the day of Maria’s sixteenth birthday, everything seems normal. From being required to do chores all day to being bullied by her own friends, nothing seems to be amiss. But when Maria goes swimming at the beach the next day, she discovers a secret about herself she didn’t even know: she’s a mermaid.

As Maria explores her newfound ability to change from mermaid to human, she finds herself in the midst of an underwater war that may just contain the secret to her past. Mixed with drama and fantasy; romance and mystery; this book is sure to hold you in suspense through the very end.


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about the author

Annabelle Batie is an author and book-enthusiast. She loves mermaids and all kinds of fantasy, and thoroughly enjoys reading and/or writing a good book. She is very passionate about her Christian faith, and she wants to share that passion with others. Some other things that she likes to do are drawing, sewing, playing piano, and talking with her friends. She lives in Traverse City, Michigan, where she homeschools with her three younger siblings and parents. You can visit her on her website,


Identity releases February 1st, 2023, so you've got time to check it out, preorder you copy, and get to know Annabelle through her website (link above)! She's got some great content, plus some fun Daughters of the Sea quizzes!

yours in spirit and script,


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