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Coming Soon: The Reflections by E.K. Seaver

I cannot talk about this book enough, can I? *grins* I am BEYOND exciting for my lovely friend E.K. Seaver's upcoming Christian dystopian novel, The Reflections!!

And guess what?

We don't have to wait any longer to go ahead and order our copy of this epic book!! *cheers*

Yes, dears, that's right! Preorders are officially LIVE for TR! You can preorder your Kindle copy OR preorder a SIGNED paperback copy straight from the author! And that's not all! The signed copy comes with some fantastic preorder goodies...and if you don't want a print copy (or are an international reader), you can still get those goodies by ordering them separately!

It doesn't get much better than this, now does it?

Nope. It doesn't.

So, without further ado...the preorder links!

The book releases on April 8th, 2022, so your Kindle copy will automatically download the moment it releases, and you can expect your print copy (and goodies) sometime after!

Now, I'm sure y'all are probably wanting to learn a little more about the book before you up and buy it, doncha? Well, you're in luck, because not only do I have the customary blurb to share...E.K. put together an AMAZING book trailer that I cannot wait to share with y'all! Trust me, y'all don't wanna miss this fantastic new novel!


About the Book

Everyone in the Alliance knows about the Reflections. It’s the opportunity to get into the University, the only government-recognized form of education, and those accepted are guaranteed success and comfort for the rest of their lives. Thus, when Em Gades receives the silver invitation, her future is secured. The worst that could happen is she gets sent home, right?

Until she arrives, and the rumors about the Reflections prove true. The only way to live is to get into the University, and to do that you must be one of the four remaining Chosens at the end of the competition. Although she was warned beforehand to trust no one, Em quickly forms attachments to her fellow teammates with the hope that as many of them can survive as possible. However, as Chosens are rapidly executed for failing competitions, Em struggles to understand that, if God is real, why he would let something so terrible happen to a group of mostly innocent teenagers. With likely no more than a few days left to live, she and the other Chosens must navigate life or death situations and find answers to the question:

Are their lives worth the deaths of others?


The Trailer


About the Author

To find an E. K. Seaver, you must set a trap. The best option is to lure her in using chocolate, blankets, and a typewriter, but if none of those are on hand, spare books and Broadway music can be easily substituted.

She prefers to be wild and free, though. Whether it includes adventuring through the Rocky Mountains or curled up at a local bookshop, she uses her freedom to produce art. From books to scarves to paintings, Ms. Seaver strives to honor her King in every aspect of her creative works. She desires her stories to hold meaning beyond the tale and attempts to follow in the footsteps of storytellers who came before her.

You can find her and her wild adventures at or on Instagram

Yours in spirit and script,


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