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Contest + Questionnaire

Sooooooo, I'm giving myself a reason to procrastinate editing + something to read/write by (you guessed it) hosting a short story contest!!! My lovely friend Hannah Foster convinced me yesterday to throw this here we are! It's nothing special, just something to help us all procrastinate the more important projects - I mean, have some fun!

The rules are simple:

  • Pick a prompt (below).

  • Write a story 3k words or less.

  • Submit it HERE!

  • All genres are allowed, but let's keep things clean/biblical!

  • One winner will have their story published on my blog AND will receive a Kindle ebook from their wishlist (US only, $9.99 or less); two runners-up will have their stories published on my blog as well!

  • Contest ends on August 13th, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter!

Note: You HAVE to base it in some way, subtle or obvious, on the picture prompt you choose. I know, it's stifling...but I couldn't help myself. Pinterest was just full of epic images! I tried to spare y'all all the romantic ones...

That said, all image prompts were found on Pinterest. I don't own the rights to any of them.

You can drop any questions you have below OR just read over all the information in the form!

(Hint: If you wanna cater to the judge here...I absolutely adore romance, especially unique romances with intriguing settings, and deep themes and beautiful prose and colorful characters! That's not to say I'm judging based on that...but you never know.)

Here are the prompts! I hope you find something you like! *winks*

But that's not all!

romance questionnaire

I've set up a quick form for all your romance-related questions! If you wanna know how to write a romance (or any particular aspect of one), why romance is important, why I write romance, what my top romance reads are...ANYTHING romantic at all (except for personal questions, although I doubt any of y'all are planning on taking me on my ideal romantic date night)...just drop it in this form! I'll be answering them in an upcoming post(s) here!

Hopefully y'all can have some fun with that. I know I will! Happy writing!

OH! And before I go...I just wanna thank everyone who shared (or is going to share) the cover for Bound and Determined!!! Especially of those of you posted on your blogs! Kristina, Vanessa, Saraina, Joelle, Tasha, Emma, M.C., Issabelle, and Lily...thank y'all SO MUCH!!! I appreciate it more than words can say!

yours in spirit and script,


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