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cover reveal: where faith remains by joy c. woodbury

I am so excited to introduce y'all to my good friend Joy C. Woodbury's upcoming debut novel, Where Faith Remains! And I'm even more excited to reveal this historical family drama's beautiful cover!!!

I'mma be good to y'all and not make you scroll...just sit back, relax, and enjoy reading the blurb while taking in the cover!


about the book & the cover

1968: Though severely depressed and haunted by the demons that attack him day and night, amputee Russell Campbell has the will to live for one little girl who needs him: Eliza, the orphaned baby of a fallen comrade. When he adopts Eliza as his daughter, a miracle happens—he experiences the love he never thought possible. Through little Eliza, the only person to ever love him unconditionally, the Lord begins to heal his heart, although the demons don’t go away.

1975: Seven-year-old Eliza Campbell has everything, because to her, her adoptive father is everything. She loves him more than anything in the world—the man whose tender heart and gentle hand guide her in Christ. Eliza knows she and her papa don’t belong anywhere, except with each other. Others think they make an odd pair—a little black girl and a white Vietnam War veteran with battle scars both seen and unseen.

Russell has always taught Eliza that Jesus brings healing, but then tragedy strikes. Eliza’s earth is shattered, for her worst fear may just come true: a scary diagnosis might tear her father away from her forever. Why would Jesus let this happen, if He really loves and cares for them as Russell says He does? Is He really to be trusted? Or is it possible that the darkness can be a place where faith remains?

With themes of trauma and healing, forgiveness and redemption, light overcoming the darkness, and racial equality, Where Faith Remains is a tender and deeply moving adoptive love story. It’s the first novel in Russell & Eliza, Joy C. Woodbury’s Christian family saga about the legacy of their love.


about the author

Joy C. Woodbury is a teenage Seventh-day Adventist Christian and scribe of historical fiction and biblical fiction. She loves Jesus, St. Paul, the family of Christ, theology, and tiramisu. Her passion is bringing hope and light into the world through fictional tales, and her stories feature ordinary people with extraordinary faith in God. She can often be found daydreaming, overanalyzing books and movies, and jamming to contemporary worship music. You can connect with her at her website,


Don't you just love it? *heart eyes* Lemme know what you think down below, and make sure you check out Joy's blog (link above) and add the book on Goodreads to stay up-to-date on its release!

Merry Christmas, y'all! I think this will be the last time y'all hear from me until some time after Christmas! I pray y'all have a blessed holiday and enjoy your time with food - I mean, family! *winks*

yours in spirit and script,


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