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I Need Your Help!

I'm back! Y'all didn't think you'd see me again so soon! Hope y'all are enjoying the scavenger hunt! Let me know if there are any complications, okay?

Anyway, I need y'all's help with something. Lord willing, I'll be going to tech school this coming school year to get my TCC as a small business marketing manager.

Suffice it to say that's got me thinking a lot about my author brand and image and all that fancy marketing stuff. I mean, it's a bit too late for me to establish a firm brand, since, well, I've already published seven books and had a website for nearly a year...

But an author brand/image is always evolving, and it's time for me to evolve again.

So, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you can supply by filling out the form below, or clicking here to fill it out in a separate tab. (By the way, I want to just shout out to Maya Joelle for inspiring me to do this survey and think more about my author branding!)

Don't know why the form stretched all the way down here, but, eh, here we are! Thanks again, you guys!

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