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June Updates

Normally, my updates post is out by the first day of the month or at least the first Monday. Well...believe it or not, I totally forgot about this post until, like June 2nd, and life got in the way of me having this up by Monday…

So here we are. Wednesday, June 9th. The month is practically over already—at least, my mom seems to think so. She keeps speeding up to Father’s Day. Speaking of which, any suggestions on what to get my dad???

My horrible gift-giving habits aside, I have a few things I’d like to share with y’all real quick this month…

  • My writing progress

Never mind. That's embarrassing. If y'all want to keep up-to-date with how much (or how little, as was the case in May) I write each month, sign up for my newsletter here! Otherwise, I think I'm just going to back...away...slowly...because, suffice it to say, I didn't do so well last month.

HOWEVER, I am about halfway done with Daylight (I hope to open for betas before the end of the month) and with Reign (shooting for 12-16 installments). So there's that.

I know I said back in May that I'd be done with all this then, but, uh, y'all know how life is. I'm also working on two extra submissions for contests, so it's not like I haven't been writing. I have. Ish.

  • My goals for June

I'm trying not to expect too much out of myself this month. Mainly, if I could get to Chapter 50 in BAD, finish Daylight, and write a couple blog posts, I'll be pleased. But considering I'll probably write five short stories and seventy-two blog posts and three words in BAD, I guess that counts as high expectations.

But my actual realistic goals are to (1) write/post about five book reviews, (2) interview Rina (more on that later), and (3) write three installments of Reign (tomorrow's will probably be pretty late in the day...). OH! And send out my first street team newsletter - either next week or once I actually finish Daylight. Depends on what kind of information I have to share. If you haven't signed up for my street team yet and you'd like to, please click here to fill out the form!

Oh, and of course I'm pumped to share a winner for my writing prompt contest! I've gotten some amazing submissions so far (there may be a tie), so keep your eyes peeled for the winner on June 20th! And if you're interested in submitting a story, read over the rules and prompts here!

  • Other stuff...

If you're interested in reading my latest Kingdom Pen post, you can check it out here! I actually think it's one of the best articles I've ever there's that.

I've been updating my Pinterest board for Reign...and it's kind of you'll find a TON of fun aesthetics and inspirations for it!

I don't know if y'all have heard, but Amazon is coming out with something called Kindle Vella - it's a way for writers to publish serials through Kindle (more info here), and I'm thinking of writing a few serials. One idea I have is for a sequel to Reign, but other than that, I'd like y'all's suggestions on stories you'd like to read! Are there any genres or plot tropes you'd like me to try? Let me know in the comments!

Also, I'm thinking of putting together book club kits for my novels (and hopefully for Daylight too, with a lot of fun goodies). They'll be free downloads, complete with discussion questions, Q&As, and more! Would that be something y'all'd be interested in?

On a random side note: what are your thoughts on Grace A. Johnson nonfiction? I have a few ideas...

Anyway, I mentioned interviewing Rina sometime this month, so I would love for y'all to supply me with some questions! Y'all have until June 25th to ask, so ask away using this form here!

In conclusion, June may be busy and full of blog posts...or I could disappear, turn off my wifi and just write BAD. We'll see! I would definitely appreciate any feedback y'all have on Kindle Vella serials and whatever questions you have for Rina!!

Y'all have a fabulous summer, my lovelies!

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