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Short Story Writing Prompt Contest!

Do y'all remember that worldbuilding linkup I did a few months back? You don't? Oh, well, never mind then.

Anyway, someone mentioned that I should do it again, but next time with prompts. Well, that prompted me to think about - you guessed it - a writing prompt contest.

So, without further ado, let's get into the basics, rules, prompts, and submission form!


The Basics

  • Choose a prompt from the list below.

  • Write a story between 800 and 3,000 words.

  • Submit it through this form, preferably in a PDF or Google Doc (Word docs are also accepted).

  • Entries will be judged based on:

    • Overall quality of the writing

    • How well the writer incorporate the prompt

    • Clarity

    • How well the story holds interest

    • General awesomeness

  • The contest ends June 15th. Winner will be notified within five days and their entry will be posted on my blog on June 20th.

  • The winner will not only have their story published here, but they will also receive a 20-page critique of their work. (I would give you money, but, dawg, I'm broke.)


The Rules

Rule #1: There must always be rules.

Rule #2: Entries must not contain any content unsuitable for young readers (i.e., no profane language, nothing gratuitous) and your grandma. (Not that I think y'all would

Rule #3: Any personal information provided will not be released, apart from the name or pen name you provide me with to share.

Rule #4: You will have all rights to your work if you win, so if you would ever like me to remove it, please let me know. Also, feel free to share it anywhere else you'd like!

Rule #5: I've never hosted a contest before, so be nice and understanding if something goes wrong.

Optional Rule #6: SHARE! Whether you're a writer or not, tell your friends about the contest or share this post on social media! I'd love to see how many entries I can get!


The Prompts

(All prompts are products of my own imagination, so if any of these appear eerily similar to one of your own or one you've seen before, then, well, great minds think alike, don't they?)

Writing prompt #1:

Castle ruins were not an ideal place to establish a new empire—but I’d try my best.

Writing prompt #2:

The crown had belonged to me…in a dream.

Writing prompt #3:

You aren’t supposed to see me, but there you are. Smiling directly into my eyes.


Submission Form

It's basically just a link. So, um, here you go: the linky-dinky-doo.


The Final Fanfare

Can there be final fanfare when I didn't have any fanfare to begin with? Ach, whatever. The point is that you've made it to the end of this post. Hopefully by now you've decided to join the contest! Don't forget: you have one month to write and submit your story - it doesn't have to be perfect, but do try your best! There will only be one winner, and they'll be announced on June 20th!

Thanks again, you guys, for joining me! (And, I'm assuming, entering the contest.) I love contests, but it's hard to find any that are free to enter and accept good Christian content, so y'all are free to express yourselves...for free...with me! Have fun and happy writing!

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