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Last Chance to Join the Crew!

Yep. I'm closing up yet another form! This time, however, it's only temporary! Since I'm not really doing anything but school right now...I mean, since I'm not releasing any new books until Bound and Determined comes out next year, I am closing the sign-up form for my street team on Saturday!

Well, I'll take the page down on Saturday and close the form on the 31st...which means you still have a chance to become a Buccaneer!

What is a Buccaneer? you may ask. A Buccaneer is not only a SUPER AWESOME PERSON, it is a member of my street team (aka, Gracie's Buccaneers) who shares about my upcoming releases. That could mean reading and reviewing ARCs, posting on social media, blogging, or whatever you can think of to spread the word!

You can sign up using the form below from now 'til the 31st, and I'll be in touch with you shortly! If you miss your chance now, don't worry, because I'll open it back up closer to BAD's release!

Also, you'll find that we have a Slack workspace, which is totally optional! All the business is conducted through email, but I invite you to join Slack (totally free and safe!), where we'll pillage and plunder - er, I mean, share posts and graphics and ask questions and hang out. I'll probably also create a Facebook group (maybe) closer to BAD's release date, but that's irrelevant at the moment.

POINT IS. I would LOVE to have you! So...if you wanna join, just fill out the form below and share with anyone else you think would be interested!

Bookishly yours,


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