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Man of Sorrows

Man of sorrows

Smitten by God



He who bore our iniquities

He who carried our grief

He who lifted

The burden of shame

The yoke of guilt

And placed it upon His shoulders

Man of sorrows

Without honor



He who had no home

He who had no bed

He who had no place

To lay His sweet head

But upon hay

And upon stone

Man of sorrows

Grown of dry ground



He who was unlovely

He who was undesired

He who was hidden

From the eyes of those

Who passed Him by

And scoffed as He walked on

Man of sorrows

Silent unto death



He who was led away

He who was cut off

He who was taken out

Of the earth upon which

He had walked

And had lovingly created

Man of sorrows

My strength and joy

He whose death was my satisfaction

He whose life was my ransom

He whose blood was poured out

Upon the Mercy Seat

To blot out my transgressions

And welcome me home

Man of sorrows

Hold me tight

You whose hand wipes my tears

You whose voice quiets my fears

You whose tender love

Leads me into Your arms

When troubles roll

And whispers Your peace to dispel my sorrow

- Inspired by Isaiah 53

Yours in spirit and script,


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