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Welcome to April! (March Wrapup + April Goals)

Y’ is April. Springtime is here. Pollen fills the air. Easter eggs have all been hid. The winter snow is through. But I still have one egg to hide! A special one for you! Springtime is joyful. There’s always something new. But every spring’s a happy spring, when I’m springing with you! Oh, the flowers in my field, I wish you could see! I wish it every day. The clear skies fill me with see you and to say...that I wish you a happy springtime. I wish you a happy springtime. I wish you a happy springtime and a lovely summer!

(And, yes, this is my Christmas medley springtime parody. Can you guess the three songs I parodied?)

Anyway, enough weirdness. Let’s dive into what I accomplished in March (I think you’ll be surprised…) and what I hope to do this month!


What I Did Last Month

March’s goals were simple: finish BAD, submit short stories, post reviews, post on Book Nations and Sky’s the Limit Press, polish With Fear and Trembling, and push submissions for Tell Me You Love Me and my newsletter swap.

Fun fact: I completed ALL except for posting BN and STLP.

That means, yes. I did it.

I finished Bound and Determined.

*squeals incessantly *

This is my first official announcement of completing—the writing part, at least—BAD at 805 pages, 210k words, 65 chapters plus the prologue and epilogue. I’m currently editing it now with a FANTASTIC groups of betas reading over the first third!

I. Am. So. Excited. I seriously cannot believe any of this! I’ve even already ordered the cover, which should be completed sometime in May!


I think this calls for a celebratory gif, don’t you?


This Month’s Goals

Obviously, finish editing BAD and get the full manuscript to my betas (sending it in parts right now). Release With Fear and Trembling. Start editing the stories for Tell Me You Love Me. Post eighty times for the forty different blog tours I’ve joined this month (not really eighty...or forty...but it feels like it). Book Nations and Sky’s the Limit Press posts too, of course. Fingers are crossed, y’all.


Monthly Progress

Well, I’m not entirely sure how much I wrote, because I added some new scenes to what I’d already written...but about 8k-10k...all that was needed to make it to The End! I also wrote a lot of flash fiction...and by a lot, I mean, like, three stories. Which is a lot. Because I’ve only ever written one flash fiction story before, so.


Reading Highlights

I managed a total of seven books in March (literally crammed that last one in on March 31st), and the absolute best of the best were…

  • The Lady of Lanaria by Michaela Bush. This Rapunzel retelling was SO GOOD! I loved how Bush handled the elements of witchcraft (from a biblical perspective, in case you’re wondering), how she wove Christianity into the fairytale’s premise, and the sweet romance!

  • Chasing Shadows by Lynn Austin. This WWII novel literally made me cry. I teared up four times, which has NEVER happened!

  • Fled for Refuge by Kristina Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed this Christian dystopian suspense...and y’all. That cliffhanger. Definitely a me-worthy cliffhanger! *winks* (Those who have read my books know I can’t write anything without leaving it on a huge cliffhanger!)

  • The Reflections by E.K. Seaver. Another Christian dystopian, this one a mash-up of The Hunger Games and To Best the Boys! I can’t wait for the release of this one!


Most Popular Posts

What’s crazy is that all four of these posts from last month got OVER a hundred views!! (I think it’s because I struck up some long convos in the comments! *winks*)


What about y’all? How are you spending spring break? What spring releases are you looking forward to? (Can I hop forward to if you’re looking forward to Bound and Determined this summer?) What were y’all’s favorite reads from last month? Have you ever written flash fiction? Let me know in the comments!

Also...whoever guesses all three songs (or even just the more obvious two) will get a shout-out in my next blog post AND a sneak peek of my devotional! (Because, y’all. I’m pretty sure you’d deserve that if you could guess those songs right.)

Y’all have a lovely spring, darlings!

Yours in spirit and script,


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