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welcome to february! (january wrapup & february goals)

No way is it February already. I refuse to believe it. *crosses arms*

Anyway, welcome one and all to the month of love and romance, for which I only have one romance-themed post planned (as of yet!), which makes me feel like a fraud. *pouts*

I feel like I’ve exhausted the subject of romance with my Q&A posts (which y’all can read here), but if you have any post suggestions or romance-related questions, feel free to drop them below! I’d love to share about love during February! 😉

Now, since I wrap up the whole year in January, I don’t do a proper December wrapup (poor December!), so y’all bear with me and the gap in details here until next year, when I resolve to do a December wrapup.


what i did last month


  • edited a novel

  • got a part-time job as a virtual assistant for Kellyn Roth

  • prepped Tell Me You Love Me for release

  • outlined Something Bright and Beautiful (my next novel and the sequel to Daylight)

  • hit 1k followers on Instagram

  • participated in two blog tours and hosted the author blog tour for TMYLM

  • read nine books

  • wrote a devo every day (more on that in the future!)

  • designed a website for my good friend Lin (check it out here!)

  • wrote a thousand or two words in Her Heart’s Home (my submission for Wild Blue Wonder Press’ anthology)

Whoa. When you write it all out like that, it’s quite a lot. Hmm. Of course, there were a lot of other miscellaneous things—such as posting more consistently on Instagram and creating my first junk/bullet journal spread—done throughout the month, but I think that’s the gist of it!

this month’s goals

In February, my main goal is releasing Tell Me You Love Me and completing four editing projects, Lord willing!

I’d also like to write four reviews, finish the three websites I’m designing, and begin writing Something Bright and Beautiful!

monthly progress

As I mentioned above, I wrote a couple thousand words in Her Heart’s Home, a historical romance novella set at The Deepdene House and Gardens in Surrey, England during the early 1920s! Otherwise, no fiction writing, not until I officially start on SBaB!

reading highlights

I’m off to a decent start in the reading department (thank the Lord!), with nine books in January! Several of which were actually Christmas novellas/short stories, but they still count. 😂

My top favorites from January are easy, though!

The Rose and the Thistle by Laura Frantz (review)

Yesterday’s Tides by Roseanna M. White (review)

We Are Storm and Starlight by Sarah Delena White

top blog posts

I’m finally getting back in the groove, y’all! I know I wanted to cut back on my posting (I kinda still do, to be honest), but there’s nothing like having 17 posts a month with several of them racking up 100+ views. Shallow, I know.

Last month’s top post was my interview with Maggie Copeland!

And third place goes to my interview with Amelia Cabot!

follower updates

Y’all, I have got some announcements for you! On February 11th, I’ll be on an indie author panel at a virtual writing retreat hosted by Lorelei Angelino—and you can register NOW to join us!!! Check out the site here for more details!

Also, I have officially opened up commissions for custom WIX website designs (and redesigns) for all my author and blogger friends! Y’all can learn more about what I offer here!


What about you? What did you accomplish in January? What was your first read of 2023? What do you look forward to doing in February? Will you be joining us at the virtual retreat? I wanna hear all about it in the comments! 😊

yours in spirit and script,


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