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Welcome to September!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

September is here, y’all. I almost didn’t make it. School started August 23rd, and it has been get-it, get-it, get-it every day since then trying to write essays, post replies, study. Not to mention all the note-taking. I have, like, thirty pages of notes already and it’s only been two weeks.

Point is, don’t take two eight-week courses at once.

Actually, the point is that I’m glad I could make it...because I probably won’t be showing my face again around here for a while. I do have a few posts scheduled for this month, but I’m not pushing myself to produce a lot of content...unless y’all are interested in reading about business ethics and globalized marketing—in which case, you’re more than welcome to read my college papers.

Anyway, let’s get into the progress report for last month and goals for this month! (Newsflash: there won’t be many.)


Last Month’s Progress

  • Top of my list, as usual, was Bound and Determined. I didn’t write the hoped-for four chapters...but I did make it to Chapter 48. Better than nothing.

  • Daylight. I wanted it edited and ready for preorder before the end of August, and it was, although just barely in time! Thankfully, we got everything together to have an amazing launch tour which is currently underway right now!

  • School prep. Suffice it say, I got done as much as I could before starting school. I finished some review copies, some beta-reading, and blog posts—but I still missed a few things I’d like to get done (but know I probably can’t).


This Month’s Goals

  • Right now, the main goal is to make it out of this alive. Once these two courses end in October (and the last eight-week course begins), things should slow down...but for now I’ll just be thankful to write one chapter in BAD.

  • Daylight! I know the launch tour is already almost over, but that’s one of the biggest goals (if not the biggest) of this month!

  • Reviews. I am INSANELY backlogged with books to read and others to review, so maybe I knock a few of those out!

  • Book, this is a secret side project of mine that I’m not officially revealing until *checks calendar* the 10th...but suffice it to say that I hope to get some stuff done with it this month!

And maybe that’s asking too much of me right now, but I’m bound and determined to get it all done! (See what I did there?) Seriously, though, if any of y’all are interesting in marketing and business law, y’all are more than welcome to take over my classes for me… Any takers? *scans the crowd* *crickets chirp* Nope? Nothing? Oh well. I can’t really blame you. It’s not as fun as it sounds.


Thank y'all for joining me for what will probably be the shortest post this month (length over quantity, you guys)! Before y'all go, I'm calling all my Held Captive readers to fill out a survey for me so that I can plan a new secret project! Here's the link, and if you haven't read Held Captive yet, then never fear! I have a post coming out in a few days with a super special surprise I think you might like!

Y'all have a wonderful September and new school year! I'll see y'all on the tour!

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Bookishly yours,


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