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book spotlight | a bird in the snow by m.c. kennedy

Oh, yes, fourteen months after the original release of her first book, A Wolf's Rose, M.C. Kennedy is BACK! In case you missed it, she recently updated and re-released her first novel with a brand-new cover (which is SO gorgeous, lemme tell ya), and now she's just celebrated the release of book TWO, A Bird in the Snow.

Y'all, when I first read the blurb for this book, my jaw literally dropped. It's the perfect fantasy mashup of Robin Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—coupled with some sweet romance and epic themes (which M.C. Kennedy will be on to talk about in a few days!), so how could I not love it??? I don't know about y'all, but I am SO excited to read it and super excited to share all about it with y'all! Once you read the blurb below, let me know down in the comments if it sounds like it's right up your alley too!

(Also, that. cover. 😍)

~ the book ~

Can even the worst mistakes be forgiven?

Ean Cochall has lived in the wilderness for two years, providing for the needy by day and assassinating rogues by night. It's all in pursuit of one thing: justice. So when he's approached by a mysterious figure and asked to kill a fae accused of crimes against the Gwyns, he readily accepts.

Murrin has fled to the wilderness to hide from someone who seeks her life. She has the name of a fey who can protect her: Ean Cochall, leader of the outlaw band the Green Company. What she doesn't know is that Ean already knows about her—and he was just hired to kill her.

As dark secrets come to light and old ghosts rise from the dead, will Ean uncover the truth? Or will his own mistakes come back to haunt him, making justice something not even he wants to achieve?

~ the author ~

M. C. Kennedy fell in love with fantasy at nine years old after reading The Lord of the Rings. She now strives to reflect her Creator by dreaming up fictional realms that point readers to His truths in the real world. When she’s not roaming through fanciful forests, struggling to understand Greek and Hebrew, or geeking out over one of her many fandoms, she loves to connect with readers on her website or her various social media platforms.

~ the giveaway ~

In honor of the tour, M.C. Kennedy is hosting an EPIC giveaway! There will be both a US and an international winner—woohoo! The US winner will receive a paperback copy of A Bird in the Snow + three themed bookmarks and a character card. And the international winner will receive an ebook copy of A Bird in the Snow + three printable themed bookmarks and digital character art! Enter for a chance to win below!

~ the tour ~

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Does this sounds EPIC or what?? Do you love Robin Hood retellings too? What are some of your favorite fairytales? I'd love to hear all about it!

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4 comentarios

Saraina Whitney
13 sept 2023

I knowww, the blurb and cover are AMAZING!!!!

Me gusta
Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
14 sept 2023
Contestando a


Me gusta

M. C. Kennedy
13 sept 2023

Thank you so much!! And yes, the cover continues to make me squeal inside. 🥰

Me gusta
Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
14 sept 2023
Contestando a

You're so welcome!! YES!!

Me gusta

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