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Daylight Anniversary Sale!

Wow, you guys. It has nearly been a year since my last fiction release, since my first official book launch, since the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.

How time has flown.

For my newbs, last September, I released a 9/11 short story by the name of Daylight, inspired by the catastrophic events of 9/11 and a song called "Sky is Falling" by Lifehouse (y'all can give it a listen here).

This story was such an experience, and not only for me but for (I hope) my readers as well. If you'd like to learn more about the inspiration behind the story, how we honored 9/11 last year, and read an unreleased epilogue and a first-draft peek at the sequel (Something Bright and Beautiful), y'all check out the tour posts here (schedule in the post)!

If you have yet to read this little tale (and by little, I mean 5k could literally read it in a sitting), then today is your lucky day! For Daylight is officially $0.99 on Kindle and completely FREE on Nook, Kobo, and other platforms!

This sale lasts from Sept. 9 (today) to Sept. 12, and after that, the price goes back up to $1.99.

ALSO, strangely enough, Amazon has discounted the print version of Prisoner at Heart from $15 to only $9.46! That's over five dollars cheaper! Now, I don't know how long this discount will last, so y'all better hurry and snag a copy while you can!

Already read these books? Then please share the sales with your friends and family who haven't! You can send them the link to this post, or share the graphics below on social media! Thank y'all!

May we always remember and never forget the events that happened on 9/11, and may this story remind us all of God's sovereignty throughout all our trials and travails.

yours in spirit and script,


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