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Don't Forget to Submit!

GUYS! Today marks t-minus TWO WEEKS until my short story writing prompt contest ends! Consider this a friendly reminder to prepare your short story and submit it HERE before the deadline of June 15th!

Don't remember the rules? Here's my original post!

Forgot the prompts? I've included them below!

Aren't the least bit interested? Share about the contest on your blog, social media, and with your friends!!!


The Prompts

Writing prompt #1:

Castle ruins were not an ideal place to establish a new empire—but I’d try my best.

Writing prompt #2:

The crown had belonged to me…in a dream.

Writing prompt #3:

You aren’t supposed to see me, but there you are. Smiling directly into my eyes.


Anyway, don't forget to submit and share! I cannot wait to read y'all's entries!!!!! Happy writing, my lovelies!

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