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Happy National Indie Author Day!

It’s here! #NationalIndieAuthorDay is here! We’ve been celebrating for a week, and now it’s finally time to wrap things up...but the party’s not over yet! In honor of Indie Author Day, I challenge you (or would a double dog dare sound more irresistible?) to reach out to an indie author! Friend, family member, favorite writer—whomever they are, send them an email or shoot them a message on social media telling them why you’re thankful for them and their writing, what you love the most about their books, how they’ve encouraged you...whatever it is that is the most important to you about indie authors!

But what if I don’t know any indie authors? you ask. Well, problem solved! You’re reading my blog, so you know me! *winks* No, seriously. If you’ve never read an indie book, today’s the day! Check out some of the authors I mentioned in this post and see if you might be interested in one of their books, or scour Goodreads or your local library for an indie book! You might like what you find!

Whatever y’all do, whether you send some love to an author or pick up your first indie book or do something else entirely, make sure you show your support and gratitude for indie authors! Trust me, without them, there are a lot of amazing books that wouldn’t be in this world!

Thank you, indie authors! Give yourselves a pat on the back and have a glass of eggnog on me!

Bookishly Yours,


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