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introducing...her heart's home

*rushes in, breathless* HULLO, ALL!

Yes, I know, I disappeared for over two weeks, but I'M BACK! This month (like this whole year thus far) has been c r a z y. Editing, web design, life, VA work, church projects, writing, reading and reviewing - it's all taken first priority lately, folks. You know how it is.

ANYWAY. I have a very special announcement for y'all.

Your girl is being published in an anthology! 😊 And not just any anthology. I'm talking Springtime in Surrey, Wild Blue Wonder Press' Christian women's fiction (which includes historical and contemporary romance!) anthology! I am SO excited to join Kellyn Roth, Katja Labonté, Faith Blum, and several other amazing authors in bringing this project to life!

We'll have a cover reveal, preorder announcement, and all that fun stuff soon enough, but today I just wanna introduce y'all to my story, Her Heart's Home!


her heart's home

Deepdene House, Surrey, England


Forced from her childhood home after her father was killed in action, Meredith Tate is forced to seek employment at Deepdene House—a noble mansion and gardens recently converted into a hotel—until she discovers the next step. Which most certainly does not include the brooding Captain Trevor Seaton, the fellow guest who always manages to catch her at her worst. Despite his gentle magnetism, Meredith is determined not to fall for a military man—but God may have other plans.


coming soon...

Stay tuned for updates on Springtime in Surrey (including the GORGEOUS cover by the insanely talented Hannah Linder!) and more details about Her Heart's Home!

I'm excited to talk about the inspiration behind this story: the Deepdene House! This mansion-turned-hotel has a rocky but intriguing history! So y'all make sure you're following the blog to get notified when my next post comes out!


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the blurb and aesthetic! Does Her Heart's Home sound like something you'd be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments below!

I love you all and am so thankful for y'all sticking with me through all the craziness! Y'all have a lovely spring! 💕

yours in spirit & script,


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