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June Wrap-Up + July Goals (and maybe a photo dump...)

Believe it or not, but before I wanted to be a writer, I was really into photography. I mean, not so much so that I had a nice camera or took good pictures or anything (although, admittedly, some of them were pretty good for an eight-year-old...just not the selfies), but I very much enjoyed it. Still do, and I’m trying to get back into it, so yeah. This post is part monthly update, part my first ever photo dump. Mostly flowers and food (because I love taking pics of my sister says I’m a foodie; I’m inclined to agree). Hopefully you won’t hurt your eyes whilst scrolling through here. Maybe wear a pair of sunglasses, just in case.

Baby corn that is now over my head!

In all seriousness, let’s get into what happened in June (aside from mass amounts of procrastination) and what I’m hoping will happen in July!


Last Month’s Progress

Y’all know my detailed progress reports are squirreled away for my newsletter (which you should totally subscribe to, by the way), so I’mma keep it vague.

I didn’t do everything I wanted to do in June.

I wanted to write at least 10k in Bound and Determined – I didn’t.

I wanted to finish Daylight – I didn’t.

I wanted to submit a story to Story Ember’s contest – I didn’t.

But I got to read a ton of fabulous books (which I am actually still reading), help out my lovely writer friends, write two articles (read them here and here) for Kingdom Pen, AND wrap up my first ever short story contest, which was absolutely amazing. (To all the marvelous writers who entered, thank you. The time and effort y’all put into your stories is so very appreciated.)

My grandmother's lovely hibiscus!

Not to mention I got to hang with my amazing street team, who will be busy these next couple of months preparing for the release of my latest short story, Daylight, which debuts on Sept. 11th.

So I got a lot done, for sure. I just have a lot more to do this month.


This Month’s Goals

Well, I don’t dare assume I can get everything done, but I do know a few things I hope to make progress on…

  • My website updates. Yep. It’s official. I am doing some extensive updates (cosmetic updates, I mean) to my site and rebranding a little bit. Hopefully I can at least share a sneak peek with you guys if I don’t finish everything completely.

White crepe myrtle
  • Daylight. I’m hoping to finish it (I’m halfway done now, so that shouldn’t be too hard) and get it out to my amazing beta readers by the end of the month! ARCs will go out sometime in August, and in the meantime I’ll be accepting more peeps into the blog tour (sign up here!) until July 31st!

Homemade pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes!
  • Bound and Determined. I won’t burden y’all with the details...all that matters is that I want to finish sometime this year, and I would appreciate the prayers. This book...I know the Lord has a plan for it, and I don’t know if it’s Him delaying it or me. I just know it was meant to be read, and I intend to see it in the hands of readers before the end of next year.

Seriously, zinnias are SO beautiful!

I have a TON of other pictures...but these are the highlights! I hope to have another photo dump...but this time with some BOOKISH photos!!!!

Anyway, I'll go ahead and wrap this post up! Thanks for hanging in there, you guys. I hope it was worth it! *winks* Y'all have a fabulous summer, my lovelies! (As you can tell, I like say that. *grins*)

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