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romance rants & writing wonder | spirit & script podcast

Who here loves listening to people ramble about pretty much nothing for more than forty minutes?

*crickets chirp*



In that case...

Allow me to convince you to listen to me ramble about nothing for over half an hour.

In case you missed it, I started a podcast called Spirit & Script (based off of my blog sign-off, if you were wondering) where I share my unfiltered thoughts on faith and fiction in our modern world. I've got four episode available + three ✨exclusive✨ episodes for subscribers!

Today's episode happens to be all about one of my most favorite subjects...

You guessed it.


I answer the common question of why I write romance (of all things, right? 😅), what it means to me, what romance looks like in my books, AND how to glorify God by writing romance!

Whether you're a romance reader, romance writer, or just plain curious, I think you might find a little something in today's episode interesting to you! 😉

And for only $1.99 a month, you can gain access to all my exclusive episodes, both the currently available ones and the ones to come! Today's exclusive episode features my #1 tip for romance writing!

This season, I'm focused on who I am as a writer, what I write, and my thoughts on Christian fiction, romance, and young writers! If y'all have any ideas or suggestions for episodes (or questions you want me to answer in an episode), drop them down in the comments below!

I am sooo excited for this new venture and hope y'all enjoy the episodes as much as I do! 🥰

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