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The Bookworm's Tag #3

That's right, folks! Nearly back-to-back bookworm tags! This time, I've got the lovely Tasha Van Kesteren to thank for this tag and these fantastic questions! Y'all can check out her blog here!

Now, without any ado...


The Rules

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you. (Thank you so much, Tasha!)

  • Include the tag graphic in your post

  • Answer the ten questions the blogger asked

  • Nominate between five and ten bloggers

  • Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!

  • Don’t feel bound to these rules

  • (Most importantly) Have fun!


The Questions

If you could mash two fantasy worlds together, which would it be?

Oh. That’s a good one. Hmm...I’ve not visited quite as many fantasy worlds as I would like (I’ve been to a few, but I swanny if I could only remember half), so of course I’d mash anything with Narnia…

But let’s be unique here.

I’d probably mix Sara Ella’s Reflections from Unblemished with Daisy Torres’s Inside from Smoke and Mirrors (which is her blog serial that you absolutely must. read. like, now)! Both kinda mirror our world (no pun intended), so I think it’d be cool to combine the two for maximum fantasy awesomeness.

You can meet and marry one fictional character, who would it be?

*glances at her harem of fictional guys* Um, yeah. About that. I guess this is the one question where I have to pick one.

Well, I’ll put it like this. My romance novel is a love square, so I’ve got a variety of options...Mr. Darcy, Rhett Butler, Mitch Dennehy, Ky Rhyen (the list goes on, actually)...all vying for my coveted attentions, of course.

In the end, though, it’s a tie between Mr. Darcy and Mitch. But I think Mitch and I would probably be a wee bit more compatible, because he’s a hot-headed grouch.

And I’m a hot-headed grouch.

So there.

How many books are you currently reading?

All of them, feels like. Actually, probably only two that I’ve actively reading, but I’ve got, like, ten on the currently reading shelf right now.

What two characters do you think would make the ultimate team?

Basically anyone and Rina. Because even if they hated each other’s guts and couldn’t get along at all, it’d be absolutely hilarious.

But as for characters who aren’t mine...

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Don’t, Tasha. This is the forbidden question. I cannot allow you to ask me this.

AUGH!!! I don’t know!!! There are SO. MANY. AMAZING ONES. How in the great googly moogly am I supposed to pick a favorite???!!!

For the sake of the question, I’mma go with Mr. Darcy. I don’t even need to explain that one, do I?

Which fictional world would you visit?

I mean...Narnia? The Reflections (Sara Ella’s Unblemished trilogy)? The Inside (Daisy Torres’ Smoke and Mirrors)?

I only remember a handful of worlds (the names of them, at least) from the fantasies I’ve read, so… OOH!!! Goldstone Wood from Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood! I wouldn’t mind going there (or to Farthestshore, of course)!

Read on your bed, couch, or comfy chair?

I’m good with either, but I end up reading in my bed more often because I read at night, so…

Who is your favourite author?

The other forbidden question!!! Seriously, I’m tied between Julie Lessman, Tamara Leigh, Roseanna M. White, Laura Frantz, Kellyn Roth, Hannah Linder, and Victoria Lynn. (The list goes on, in case you’re wondering.) They’re all SO talented and inspiring!

You have to ship one fictional character to a different world. Who would it be and what world would it be?

Either Han Solo comes here, or Rina goes to Tatooine. (We’re Star Wars people up in here, BTW.) I honestly don’t know! I feel like Rina would flourish anywhere, so naturally she’s my first pick of characters to ship off (in a pirate ship with rockets, of course *winks*), and any world would do. Or, I dunno, a space Pride and Prejudice! We could send Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to the Star Wars world!

(And Star Wars totally counts because they do have novelizations/adaptions.)

Or...we could bring Ky (from Unblemished) to be part of Rina’s crew...*waggles eyebrows*…and I could get a chance to write his fantastic self…

You have to kill one character you love. Who do you kill?


*clears throat*

Maybe I shouldn’t go with my characters, eh? I dunno, this is tough. Should totally kill Rhett Butler and put him out of his misery. *sobs* Or kill Elizabeth Bennet so I can have Mr. Darcy all to myself. *cackles* Nah, I don’t know. I just...don’t know.


My Tags + Questions

I tag...

My questions for y’all are as follows!

  • Book to movie adaption or book to TV series?

  • Would you in your favorite book or write the book?

  • What’s the most you’ve read in one sitting?

  • Favorite bookish merch/swag?

  • Worst. Book. Ever. In your opinion?

  • Most recent DNF (Did Not Finish)?

  • What’s your most unpopular bookish opinion? (Just...don’t say anything bad about Jane Austen, okay? I’m sensitive in that area. XD)

  • Have you ever cosplayed as your favorite character(s)?

  • What’s your favorite book setting (time, world, country, etc.)?

  • If you could be the main character of any book, which one would it be?


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The question for my commenters...

If you could brutally annihilated *clears throat* lay to rest ANY of my characters (except the ones I've already killed off), who would it be??? And why?

Ooh, I'll do you one would you kill them?

I'll leave the plotting up to y'all. *winks*

Yours in spirit and script,


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