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Welcome to August!

Wow. I literally have no words to express my complete and utter shock at it being August already. And not just August, but August in the year 2021. WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE, PEOPLE? This month means a lot...not only did my lovely website + blog celebrate its one-year anniversary on a few days ago...but I celebrate sixteen years of life on Monday!

I’m trying to be excited, but uh, I’m still in shock, so…

Had to kick it off with food...chicken noodle soup!

Anyway, I have a post full of UPDATES and more food/flower pictures!!! (Those bookish pictures I promised you will be coming in a week or two, with some epic authorly blog tags that I stole!)

Also today is my monthly newsletter, which usually comes on the first Monday of the month—unless I’m on vacation, like I was this week—so if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you should be seeing your email pop up later today!

Back to the point...let’s get into what I accomplished last month and what I hope to do this month!


Last Month’s Progress

First off, I’m not even going to supply you with a word count for Bound and Determined...because I don’t have one. I probably wrote a thousand words or so in Daylight, though. Speaking of Daylight, my main goal last month was to finish writing my 9/11 short story. It should’ve been done, like, two or three months ago, but I procrastinated and pushed the word count from about 2 or 3k to 5,300 words. Therefore, I didn’t finish it until July 30th, late that night, and I sent it out to betas the next day!

*cue the squealing*

The deadline is the 9th, so hopefully ARCs will be sent out to my readers and reviewers Tuesday! *squeals some more*

My second goal was to publish the revisions to my site—which, as you can see, was completed! I mean, I’m not quite done, because I do have a few pages that are “coming soon,” but the brunt of the updates are finished!

My third was to work on Bound and Determined. comment.


This Month’s Goals

As usual, my first and foremost goal for this month is to make substantial progress on Bound and Determined. It’d be nice to write about four chapters, but I have my doubts.

Second, I have a lot of prep for Daylight’s release that I’d like to get done.

And third, I’m starting college on the 23rd, so I have a ton of blogging and beta-reading and just random stuff I’d like to get cleared up before classes start! Fingers crossed I can get it all done!


Well, I reckon that’s that! Not much went on in July, I suppose. Here's to hoping August will be much more productive!

What about y'all? How was July? What do you hope to do this month? What was the highlight of your summer?

And does anyone have any good ideas for a sign-off? Everything I can think of is too generic.

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