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welcome to march! (february wrapup & march goals)

Well, February happened. And just like always, it happened in the blink of an eye. As I starting writing down all that I accomplished last month, I was quite honestly surprised that 28 days could yield such fruit—and yet not complete any of the major projects I had on my list.

Any of y’all been there? 😂

Let’s face it, though, the highlight of the 💕month of love💕 was easily the release of none other than...drum roll, please…

Tell Me You Love Me!

After an entire year, last February’s dream became this February’s reality: a Christian romance anthology full of God-honoring, sweet, and tender love stories.

If you’ve yet to snag your copy, I urge you to! Trust me, you’ll want this collection on your shelf or Kindle, and you’ll want to support these young Christian authors!

Speaking of TMYLM, you may have noticed that my book page for it has not been updated with the purchase link yet. That, my lovelies, is because my site is undergoing serious renovations (y’all said not to change it, I said I must 😅) and I can’t update that page without publishing a half-finished site. But rest assured the new page and new design will be debuting soon—hopefully sometime this month, Lord willing!


what i did last month

So, last month’s goals were:

  • Release Tell Me You Love Me

  • Complete four editing projects

  • Write four reviews

  • Finish three websites

  • Begin writing Something Bright and Beautiful

Obvious, TMYLM was published, praise God! But all my other goals? Not so much. I designed two out of three websites (still pretty happy about that), wrote three out of four reviews, completed one editing project out of four, and did not write a single word in SBaB. In fact, progress on my novella Her Heart’s Home has been next to nil lately too, and it’s due to be completed in the middle of this month...which brings us to March’s goals!

this month’s goals

Basically do what I didn’t do last month...but I say that every time. 😅 Some new goals are to update my website, relaunch my Patreon, and post consistently on S&J Editor’s Instagram!

monthly progress

Um. Lemme think. Like 500 words in Her Heart’s Home, I think. It’s been...rough, writing-wise. Hopefully this month will be different, though! I’d at least like to write a chapter in SBaB and finish HHH.

reading highlights

Well, last month’s reading wasn’t quite as prolific as January’s...I read one novel, two short novels, and two short stories.

Naturally the top read was The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin (review here), but The Lady in the Moneylender’s Parlour by Roseanne E. Lortz and Until We All Share Joy by Heather Wood were both so good as well!

top blog posts

February was a weird month for blog posts (and March is shaping up to be quite similar, if the fact that this post is semi-late is of any indication). I got out quite a few at the first of the month, since the tour for TMYLM and STL going on, but the end of the month was super spotty. BUT I did post two reviews, which was a huge plus!

The top post was on writing enemies-to-lovers right, which was so fun to put together in honor of Valentine’s Day! Close behind was the release day post for TMYLM! Also, if you haven’t checked them out yet, I had a few underrated posts on writing fight scenes, strong heroines, and more! I’m trying to post more writing advice and tips (per y’all’s request), so hopefully you’ll see even more this month!

follower updates

I’m sure I have tons of stuff to tell y’all, but I cannot remember for sure. But I am excited to share that I’ve started building custom Wix websites (and redesigning current ones) for stupid cheap! I have only ONE slot open in April, so if you’re interested in a new or updated Wix author website or blog, now’s the chance to commission one!

guest appearances

I think I’m missing a post or two from the last couple months, but the only guest post I remember doing is this one on editing/proofreading for free on Writers’ Vision! Stayed tuned for a guest post on Joy Calle Martinez’s blog this month!


How did your February go? Was there flowers and chocolate involved? 😜 What was your top read? Any goals for March? I wanna hear all about it in the comments, folks!

yours in spirit & script,


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