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Welcome to May! (April Wrapup + May Goals)

*emerges from her hovel of loose papers and red ink* Y’ALL. IT’S MAY. How are y’all handling this sudden passage of time? Y’all hanging in there?

*glances outside to see birds gliding on the wind and flowers swaying in the breeze* I’m not. I’m suspended in utter disbelief over this wild turn of events that already—already—it is May. And y’all know what that means, right? It means the cover of Bound and Determined should be on its way by the end of the month (y’all. I cannot wait. It is gonna be EPIC!!!) first-ever devotional is out in the world...and Tell Me You Love Me is halfway through the editing stage! I am beyond excited for all that will be completed, began, and grown during this spring, and I can’t wait to have y’all join me on the journey!


what i did last month

My goals? Finish my first round of BAD edits and get it to betas; release With Fear and Trembling; start editing TMYLM stories; post for blog tours, Book Nations, and Sky’s the Limit Press.

Well, I’m not quite done with BAD...but I’ve only got, like, 40k left to edit...which isn’t half as difficult to edit as it is to write. *winks* So I’m counting that. I got a lot of progress, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading my betas’ feedback! (They are awesome. I love y’all.)

But With Fear and Trembling is out in the world!!! WAHOO!!! You can snag your copy HERE!!! (Or learn more about it here!) And I’ve only got a few TMYLM stories left to edit, which is fantastic! Plus, I’ve had the AH-MAY-ZING Miss Issabelle Perry editing with me and y’all. She is fabulous. I don’t know how she does it, but she is SUCH an amazing editor and so encouraging will really whipping the material into shape! I’m in awe of her editorial skills!

I did manage a couple posts on BN...absolutely nothing on STLP (I’m so ashamed)...and I’ve gotten through a few of the reviews/blog tours I was a part of this month, but I’ve still got a LOT more to do!

I did get Instagram, though, which was a HUGE step for me. I am SO excited for all the marketing I can do! (Because, yes, I am a marketer. This is what I do. This is what gets me hyped up.) (Also. If you’re on Instagram, you can find me @graceajohnsonauthor!)

I also tried to tackle a lot of other projects in April...and didn’t complete a single one. Oops. Better next time, eh?


this month's goals

Naturally, finish Round 1 and Round 2 of my BAD edits. Get TMYLM polished and ready for betas. Post more regularly on BN and STLP. (Yes, everything has an acronym. That’s me for ya.) Review, review, review. (I’m so backlogged I could cry.) Grow my IG platform (and take lots of pretty pictures, of course). Plan the cover reveal for BAD. Get some things together for the next issue of The Journal. And, yeah, lots of stuff. Let’s just stick with this for now, eh?


monthly progress

I haven’t written a word (in, like, a huge fiction project, that is), so we’re skipping this section for now. Peace.


reading highlights

  • All That It Takes by Nicole Deese. This beautiful contemporary romance was SO GOOD! Balanced and immersive, with lovely characters and spot-on development!

  • The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella. Started out confusing and zany (I mean, this is Wonderland we’re talking about here)...but soon became engaging and intense! AND THE CHARACTERS, Y’ALL.

  • The Bounty Hunter’s Bride by Janis Jakes. Such a refreshing read with a tender and authentic romance and smooth development!


top blog posts


Well, that sums up my month! What about y’all? How’s your WIP coming along? Do you have Instagram? What were your favorite reads in April?

yours in spirit and script,


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