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Welcome to October!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

HOW IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY? Like, I’m almost finished with my Term A classes (eight-week courses that are a half-semester-long), which is AMAZING, even if it seems too soon. (Seriously, my classes have been heck lately...well, not really my classes themselves...just my professor. But I ain’t gonna complain. Not today at least.)

My point is that this year has gone by way too quickly, which means my main goal this month is to write at least 12k in Bound and Determined. More like 20k would be nice, but I’m not gonna push myself. School, y’know.

Now, since I’ve decided (yet again) to revamp my newsletter content/format, you’ll be seeing some different things in today’s update post (which is actually two days later than I’d originally intended it to be)! Like my reading progress, updates from my new blog, last month’s most popular posts, and more! Let’s jump right in to what I accomplished last month…

  • My top priority was to live to fight another day. I’m here, so that takes care of that!

  • My second goal was to have a successful launch of Daylight—and I did! I had the most fun EVER reading everyone’s posts, gushing over reviews, and sharing more about this story that’s grown so dear to my heart!

  • Oy, numero tres was reviews...let’s just say I didn’t write as many of those as I wanted…

  • Last but certainly not least was Book Nations, my blog for Christian writers of Christian fiction (I know that seems redundant, but that’s a post for another day...check out Book Nations to find out what I mean)! I launched my second site and had a pretty great turnout! I only have like three posts so far, but I hope to share lots more in the coming days and weeks!


My goals for October? Well, that’s simple.

  • Get through school. Finals for both my Term A classes are on the 14th, so fingers crossed that goes well! Then my Term B class starts the same here’s to hoping that only one class will be easier to manage!

  • Write at least 12k in Bound and Determined. Right now, that looks about like 400 words a day, so that shouldn’t be too difficult!

  • Write a short story for this super fun contest!

  • And, finally, take part in the Write for Life blog tour, headed by authors Erika Mathews and R. M. Peterson! Wondering what that is? Check out Saturday’s post!


Monthly progress? Oy...well, I’ll put it like this: I finished Chapter 48. That’s all I’m going to tell you. For once, I feel like I could’ve written more, but this chapter was just. so. heavy. It needed a whole month, to be honest.


The best books of the month...good question. I only reviewed two books, but GUYS. I READ SO MANY GOOD ONES IT’S CRAZY.

The Secret of Emerald Cottage by Julie Lessman. So, Julie Lessman wrote a mystery. THE KISSING QUEEN WROTE A MYSTERY. Nuff said. (But, seriously, if you wanna hear my review here!)

A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano. Y’ALL OH Y’ALL OH Y’ALL. This book was like everything my heart ached for. It was...not just perfection, but like perfection in its most beautiful form, if that makes sense. You can read my review in yesterday’s post!

When Twilight Breaks by Sarah Sundin. I never would’ve expected to love a book about a Nazi-sympathizer and a feminist so much...but here I am. Sundin pulled it off, you guys, and I mean PERFECTLY!

The Runaway Bride and A Bride of Convenience by Jody Hedlund. I’ve been meaning to read these books for, like, a year or more, and I finally got around to it last month! TRB is probably one of my favorites by Hedlund, and ABOC was (1) a wonderful marriage of convenience story (those are exceptionally hard to pull off) and (2) one of Hedlund’s most different novels!


September’s top posts are many, you guys! I managed to double-book multiple times, so I ended up with 23 posts in total! The most popular were (in order of views):


Well! I know that was a lot, but that should wrap us up for the whole of last month! *wink* How do y'all intend to spend your fall? Lots of pumpkin spice, I hope! I'll see y'all later, gators!

Bookishly yours,


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