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Welcome to August! (July Wrapup + August Goals)

Y’all. This is literal insanity. I’m serious. Google “what is insanity” and it will say “the fact that it is already August.”

(*coughs* Joking, joking…but also not.)

I just…I cannot believe it. I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing in the last seven months. (Let’s see, finished BAD, started an editing business, published a devotional, got Instagram…okay, okay, I take it back.) And, naturally, August is probably gonna be the busiest month yet, since we’re (1) celebrating three birthdays in mi familia this month (one of which is mine, hint hint *winks*) and (2) dealing with a baby in a cast.

Yeahhhh, my baby brother (all right, so he’s nearly four, practically grown) fractured his leg in two places (looooong story) and will be in a cast until around the beginning of September. He can’t put any weight on it, can’t get it wet, can’t do, well, anything, so we’re doing it all for him, and it’s like he’s a little tiny baby again, which he just was. *sobs* (They grow up so darn fast.)

So, suffice to say my August plans may be pushed back to September. Like, for example, publishing Bound and Determined. I’m not setting an official release date, because I literally have no idea whatsoever when I will actually be able to publish it. *sighs* Bear with me. At least I can confirm that Tell Me You Love Me (my romance anthology) is coming soon! We’re finalizing the cover and beta edits now!

Anyway, enough about all that. On to the meat of today’s post…


what i did last month

Wanna know the truth? I watched a crap ton of TV. Correction: I watched a ton of Kickin’ It. PLEASE, someone tell me I am not the only one who is absolutely in love with this show!!! Like, the dynamics, the humor, the adorable cheesiness of it…Kick and Leolivia (the ships are the best part)…and just Jack.

(Y’all, I need help.)

(I love Jack.)

(He’s positively fabulous.)


(I need a life.)


I also edited my butt off—and still have editing to do, on both mine and my clients’ projects—and am almost caught up on my beta-reading.

AND I REVEALED THE COVER FOR BOUND AND DETERMINED. So there’s that. Definitely one of the highlights of my hectic month.

(Anyone wanna guess what the other highlight is???)


this month’s goals

For this month? I’m not gonna lock myself into anything (as per usual), but I do need to finish my three different editing projects, plan the cover reveal for TMYLM, and—you guessed it—start back to school. *sobs* I dread this so much. I know it’s only one class, but y’all. I have no time anymore.

(Correction: I have time…I just only have about three hours a day I can manage.)


monthly progress

I, uh, may have written a little? I’ve started a fun short story for my Instagram stories, and I wrote a flash fiction piece for Joelle Stone’s writing prompt, but that’s about it. At least I’m still writing…

And brainstorming. A lot. I may have created three new Pinterest boards for some ideas I’ve come up with.


reading highlights

I had great visions of reading three books this month, and I honestly don’t think I read squat. *flips through her reading journal* Okay, so I literally only read one novel...and I probably wouldn’t have read it had I not been sick for several days at the beginning of July…BUT, it was exquisite!

Between Two Worlds by Cheyenne van Langevelde was, to sum up my thoughts, strong in all the areas Mark of the Lion had been weak. (And I love Mark of the Lion, so…) The prose was simplistic but vivid, the romance was subtle but sweet, the story was fast-paced but realistic. I just adored it, and I am so thankful to have had to chance to read it and absolutely cannot wait to read more by Cheyenne!


top blog posts


follower updates

And this new section is basically where I can info-dump all of last month’s/this month’s goings-on! In other words…

I HAVE A SHORT STORY CONTEST! It’s nothing extravagant, of course, but it’ll keep you busy if you, for some odd reason, have a ton of time on your hands and nothing to do. Or you just wanna procrastinate all the things you have to do.

Either way, if you wanna learn more CLICK HERE, and if you’ve already written something to submit, you can do that HERE!

I also have a form in which you can submit any and all romance-related questions you have for an upcoming romance Q&A post!!! Y’all can have fun with that HERE!

Welp, that sums that up! So. What about y’all? How was y’all’s summer? Any fun vacations? Any binge-watching of old Disney Channel sitcoms??? Or was that just me? Lemme know what y’all did, read, watched, listened to—all of it—and what y’all plan to do this August in the comments below!

yours in spirit and script,


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corrie s.p.
Aug 25, 2022

Never seen that show. Sounds interesting though😁

Your month was about as productive as mine. Oh well, we are only human. Luckily us humans were chosen by God as His people.

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 26, 2022
Replying to

It certainly is! :D



Aug 09, 2022

Aww, I hope your brother is alright! I'll be praying for him!!

I wanna guess what the other highlight of your month was . . . but I seriously have no idea. 😆

This summer I've mainly been cleaning my room, swimming, writing, and working a little bit outside. Nothing interesting, I guess. XD

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳 *sends you cake, sweet tea, and peach ice cream*

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 10, 2022
Replying to

He's doing much better! Healing nicely! Thank you so much!!

*coughs* It was Kickin' It. Naturally. XD

Haha, I feel ya! Hope you've gotten a lot of writing done!

AWWW THANK YOUUUU!!!! (You know me so well. *gobbles it all up*)


Rylie Goodwin
Aug 05, 2022

Aww. Poor brother!! I think one of my my sisters broke her leg around that age... tis sad. This is random, but does he know any girls his age? XDD If not, we could set him and my little sis up! lolll I'm super excited for TMYLM!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 06, 2022
Replying to

Oy, no kidding! Haha, that would be PERFECT! He doesn't really, nope! I can't wait to share it with you!!!


Aug 03, 2022

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about your little brother :( Its always tough to have a little sibling go through something like that. Praying for you all!

I think I might be the only person who isn't surprised its August...For once I feel quite alright with the change of months. This year has felt so full -- though admittedly God took it and surprised me at what exactly it would be full of. Many plans were replaced but so far its all turning out ;)

You accomplished so much this year! Wow! Must feel pretty great!

Sorry you're not looking forward to school :( Is it an online course?

This month looks like packing. We're moving at the end…

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 04, 2022
Replying to

He really is!

They certainly do! Haha, I think it will be! Thank you! :D

Ahh, sounds lovely! ;)

You too!! Aw, definitely! Haha, it's my last year before becoming an adult (omgosh how is that possible???), so I better enjoy it, right? XDD


Saraina Whitney
Aug 03, 2022

I CANNOT believe it's August either!!! Congratulations on all the things you got done this - erm *coughs* last month!! <333 I'm soooo excited for Tell Me You Love Me and the cover reveal!! 😁😊

(And so sorry about your little brother - I'm praying for you all too!! ❤️)

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 04, 2022
Replying to

Aww, thanks you!!! YES! I can't wait to share! <333

(Thank you so much! :D)


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