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Welcome to September! (August Wrapup + September Goals)


(Yes, the rhyme was intentional. *winks*)

I dunno about y'all, but DADGUM has time flown! I'll be "graduating" from "college" (quotes because I'm only getting a certification from tech school, but it kinda counts) next month. And HOPEFULLY Bound and Determined will release very, very soon!

(Yes, I have a BAD update.)

(Yes, I'll move on so y'all can find out what it is.)

(Yes, that photo to the right is indicative of an oncoming photo dump. I was overdue.)


what i did last month

Say hello to my boi Langston the cactus!

Well, last month, I decided not to lock myself into anything—just to finish my three editing projects, start back to school, and plan the cover reveal for TMYLM. WELL...I did just that! I finished my two client projects AND finished my semi-final round of edits for BAD, and I started my last class (so far, so good!), and I would’ve worked on the cover reveal, except that we’re still working on edits…

I also wrote five loooong posts for my romance Q&A and wrote a few short installments for my Instagram serial (which I will probably discontinue and either migrate to my blog or just work on every now and then). I probably did a few other things...but I can’t remember, and I’m too lazy to find out.

OH! I did open submissions for two AMAZING contests with Sky’s the Limit Press—one for flash fiction and one for writing articles—and extended the submissions period for our cover photo contest! Y’all check those out!

I also ran a short story contest, and I posted the winning stories by Hannah, Nicole, and Abigail here on the blog!


this month’s goals

Naturally, I want to survive school...and I want to get BAD on its way to publication...and I wanna finish my beta-reading project...and another editing/proofreading project I have...and I want to get edits wrapped up for TMYLM. Otherwise, I think that covers it!

I do have a special surprise at the end, so y’all make sure you check out my follower updates!


monthly progress

Like I said, maybe a couple thousands words for my serial, The Captain. Otherwise, nothing much.


reading highlights

I didn’t quite read as much as I’d wanted to, but more than I’d expected I guess we’re good. *shrugs*

  • Unworthy by Vanessa Hall. A high-stakes romantic suspense about an ex-ballet dancer, a redeemed socialite, and with lots of armwrestling!

  • The Sugar Baron’s Governess by Elva Cobb Martin. A lawyer-turned-pirate/plantation owner falls in love with his daughter’s governess...and in the process finds God? Sounds right up my alley, eh? My review goes live on the 5th!


top blog posts


guest appearances

Remember that short story I mentioned writing for Joelle Stone’s prompt? Well, you can read it here! And make sure to check out the other installments while you’re at it!


follower updates

So, my romance Q&A has gone over SO WELL (like, amazing...way better than I’d expected), so I thought, why not do another Q&A? I was torn between a pirate Q&A and a general writing Q&A when I remembered all the writers who’ve told me how much they hate marketing and how many people have asked for my marketing tips!

Naturally, I had to run off and make a form.

So here we are! If you have ANY questions AT ALL about marketing, what it is, what it looks like, how to success at it, ask away! Not only have I done my own marketing and am learning more about it through my personal experiences, I’m currently studying small business marketing and will be certified in October! So I’m a semi-authority. *winks* Can’t wait to read y’all’s questions and share my answers!

1: Gotta love fall vibes. 2: Isn't Langston adorable?

Now, don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s pulled out the pumpkin spice! Are y’all ready for fall? What will your autumn look like? How did your summer go? Have you started back to school? Lemme know all about it in the comments!

yours in spirit and script,


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