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Second Place Winner: My Eyes by Nicole Sua

Y'all, I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with this story from the first sentence. So beautiful, with the most lovely message - I know it will touch your heart!

This story definitely deserves a place in the winners' circle! *winks*


the prompt

Image found on Pinterest.

From the day I went blind, he became my eyes.

We had just been married when sickness fell over the house. The halls were blanketed in thick silence only to be broken by the occasional cough. My dear Edward was the only one who miraculously did not catch anything, despite running in and out of the dim rooms to fetch my father, mother, and me water and cool our heads with wet soothing cloths.

I lived in darkness for three whole days, oblivious to the world of laughter and sunshine. Stuck in a pain that seemed to last for eternity.

Edward was the only spark of light in the deep tunnel. Everyday—morning, afternoon, and night—he stood outside our doors, praying tongues under his breath with such fervency like it had bubbled up from an overflowing well deep within. The words flew over us, gentle but mighty, like the wind blowing in on a warm summer night.

I was the last of my family to lose my fever… but when it fled, my life was never the same.

My eyelids fluttered open, but I could not see a thing. Later, Edward confirmed with such grief in his voice: the sickness had stolen my eyesight.

Ever since that day, Edward became my eyes. He and I are one flesh. Moving in harmony, like how the sky and the clouds roll together. I may never see the sun again, but I don’t need to when I have sunshine right beside me.

“Dearest, what are you thinking about?” Edward’s warm voice pulls me back into the present. “You have that pensive look again with your head tilted in the most darling way.”

I feel my lips curve into a gentle smile. “Edward,” I don’t answer his question directly, but instead reach out my hand to find his. Immediately he is there, wrapping his steady arms around my shoulders and guiding me until I feel the soft couch under me.

“Ed, my dear,” I whisper.

“I’m listening, love. What is on my dearest’s mind?”

“I–I was thinking… back to when I wasn’t well… I realized that you… well, you saved my life.”

“Did I now?” Edward’s voice tender as his touch on my hand.

“Yes, you are my miracle.” I rest my head on his shoulder. “You are my everything.”

I feel Edward take a deep breath next to me.

“Darling,” He shifts and pulls my head near his heart, the slow and steady rhythm beating ever so dependent into my ear. “I want to take you somewhere.”

“Anywhere with you,” I say with confidence.

He lifts me in his strong arms, carrying me like a true gentleman who would let no

dragon ever come near.

I am set down on a smooth seat. It seems familiar, but I can’t quite place it.

“You are in front of a piano, dearest,” Edward tells me, taking me back to a younger

version of myself who started lessons with the help of a very special someone.

“I haven’t played in years, Ed,” I whisper, memories swirling. The first time my father

hired him to teach me. The first time I gazed into his eyes, too young for love, but somehow caught up in a dream I didn’t know I had… didn’t know would come true. Yet, so much heartache as well. In gaining my love years later, I had also lost the ability to see the world.

I shake off the sorrow, reminding myself how he then swooped in like a brave knight and became my eyes for me. I see through him the starry night sky, the warm fireplace, the snowflakes glistening outside, Mother’s beautiful face, Father’s joyful laugh.

“Sarah,” I feel his cheek beside mine as he laces his fingers with my hands and places them atop the ridged surface with ease.

“You feel the keys beneath your hands?” He asks.


“Good.” He begins to slide my fingers, pressing down every few seconds. The room fills with a melody that tastes like sweet sunshine. Warmth floods my being, Edward’s head still next to mine.

“Dearest,” He speaks slow, as if choosing his words with care. “I’m going to take my hands off of yours for a little bit. Don’t worry, I’m still here.”

I tense, panic rising in my chest. Where could he be going?

He releases his grip and suddenly his presence is gone. My shoulders feel bare without his arms wrapped around mine.

“I’m still here, darling,” he speaks again, his voice farther this time. Knowing that he hasn’t left the room soothes my racing heart.

“Tell me something, dearest, how do you feel right now?”

“I–I’m scared. It feels like an ocean separates us.”

“But you know I’m still present, yes? I haven’t left the room, nor do I intend on doing so.”

I nod, hoping he can see it. I am not sure where he is going with this, but something compels me to trust him.

“Even when we can’t feel the Father’s arms around us, He is still with us.”

I feel my eyelids blink, chills dancing on my arms.

“His Presence never left us, only our awareness of Him did.”

Suddenly, he is by my side again, his breath warm on my cheek.

“I know you wonder where God was during that time of your sickness, my love. But really, He was there the whole time. It was Him who saved your life, not me.”

I feel something wet hit my hands. Tears. My tears.

“I just don’t want you to think I am God, Sarah. I was nothing but a vessel during that time, as with right now.”

“What do you mean, Edward?”

“Each child of God is a vessel, a connecting piece. A servant heart that God speaks through, works through, and loves through.”

“So when I feel your love,” I say, trying to make sense of the matter, “I am really feeling God’s love?”

“That’s right, dearest.” I hear the smile in his voice. “When I surrender my life to Him, it allows His Love to flow through me. A Love greater than anything my humanness could give you because it is from Love Himself.”

“I may be your eyes,” he begins again, “but I am not your God. Don’t lose sight of the One who loves you even better than I ever could. Who knows you completely. He’s reaching out to you through me… but your door may still be closed.”

“Mmhm…” I breathe in, soaking in his words of immense wisdom. “If God loves me so much, how come he took away my eyesight?”

Edward takes a deep breath. “Well, here’s proof that I’m not God… I, uh, don’t exactly know,” He gives a soft chuckle, then sombers. “But what I do know is that He promises to be with you in your pain. What He allows to happen is not for us to question His Goodness; it’s a gateway to trusting Him anyway.”

My thumb brushes against the piano keys, gentle notes arising. “‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His Purpose.’ Trust… trusting in a God who has proven Himself good time and time again.” I suddenly realized, “I–I could have been dead right now if it weren’t for Him.”

“That’s right,” Edward whispers, hoarse with emotion. “He is faithful still. The least we can do in return is trust that whatever He is doing, whatever He is working, it is good.”

With new revelation I speak, joy mounting, “Not a tear shed is wasted. He keeps each one in a jar. ‘They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.’”

“Yes, somehow in someway He is taking your blindness and spinning goodness out of it. You shall know one day, as bits and pieces of the story come together.”

“Well, I may not know the whole picture at the moment,” I reply with a soft smile, “but I do know one good thing that’s come out of it… He brought me closer to you. Even as I wandered in the dark, He kept the light close to me. Without you, I might have never remembered Him. Now I know, He was there all along, shining through you.”

“And that is more than I can ask. That I may be His servant and love you in this way with a Love greater than my own.”

“A Love that lasts for eternity,” I say, “A Love that’s not afraid to dive into the depths of darkness that I fell into. A Love that saves, heals, completes.”

Edward takes my hand in his and brings it to his lips. “You may be blind, but thank the Lord you are not blind to Truth.”

With that, he lifts both of my hands and places them back on the keys, playing together once again.

My thoughts glide as smooth as the notes we create.

I am but one side of a whole. Two halves that the Lord so beautifully united as one to understand His Love on an even deeper level.

But, as I now realize, our love cannot be derived from the flesh… for that will wear thin quickly as time rolls on. We must love each other by soaking up The Love that Lasts and allow Him to run through our veins. We are not gods, but we are servants. Servants of Love.


about the writer

Nicole Sua is a Warrior Princess of the Lord, wearing a crown and wielding her sword of soul-woven stories to battle against the darkness--because by knowing Whose you are, only then do you become fully aware of how powerful the Sword of the Spirit is; the crown and sword coexist. She strives to preserve the wholesome values of the past, which explains her immense love of history and vintage things. Nicole is currently pursuing authorship and entrepreneurship through The Author Conservatory program. You can find her sharing Godly encouragement almost daily on her Instagram: @city_on_a_hill_storyteller_


AH! So sweet and so true!!! I love the beautiful message Nicole weaved in! What did y'all think? Let us know in the comments!

yours in spirit and script,


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Hannah Foster
Aug 25, 2022

This story was absolutely beautiful! Well done!

Nicole Sua
Aug 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much, Hannah! All the glory to Him :)


Saraina Whitney
Aug 25, 2022

A piano, a guy named Edward, a beautiful theme, and plenty of "darlings"? I LOVE IT. Ahhhh!!! Seriously, this was so good!!! Amazing job, Nicole!!!

Nicole Sua
Aug 25, 2022
Replying to

aw! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you enjoyed my story <3 all the glory to God!


Abigail E.
Aug 25, 2022

* gasps * okie- confession time-

I tried to write a similar story based on the same picture prompt that just wasn't working. I abandoned it for a different prompt- and now I see why.

That was beautiful and sweet and everything I felt when I first saw that picture and...that was amazing Nicole

Nicole Sua
Aug 25, 2022
Replying to

Oh my goodness... Thank you so much!! God is so good! Also, I'm sure your story on whichever prompt you picked is amazing! 😊


Joelle Stone
Aug 25, 2022

That was fantastic!

Nicole Sua
Aug 25, 2022
Replying to

thank you very much!!


Vanessa Hall
Aug 25, 2022

Oh, wow, that was beautiful! I love those romances where they realize that each other's love is not the end-all, but it's a shadow of a far greater Love!!

Grace A. Johnson
Grace A. Johnson
Aug 26, 2022
Replying to

Hehehe. So I can tease you about them, of course! LOL!


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